Course Title: Membership in the Age-Friendly Business® Alliance

“Our ranks are swelling as fast as our feet.  We love to party (with naps).  We have all the money!  An ad man’s dream, you’d think…un huh…. less than 5% target us.  That is not just negligence, that’s insulting.

You don’t want to talk to us – we don’t want your products.”

Moses Znaimer,  ZoomerMedia

The message is clear!  The opportunity is HUGE!

If you want to ‘get the business’ you need to show your community that you have earned the right to serve the largest and most lucrative market out there – our Boomers and Seniors.

Membership in the Age-Friendly Business® Alliance program provides you and your team with an introduction to some of the age-related changes their customers can experience.  You will learn how to make your customer experience more age-relevant, engaging, and respectful, while being positioned as:

The Business Boomers and Seniors Trust, Return to and Refer to!

When all members of your team who work with the public complete a short online dynamic, fun and interactive ‘Foundation Course’, your business is showcased and your Membership in the Age-Friendly Business® Alliance is promoted as a business that cared enough to learn more and serve better.

Increase your revenues while being celebrated as a
hero in your community!

It doesn’t get better than that!