CPCA Mandatory Modules and Electives

List of Mandatory Modules and Library of Growing Electives

Mandatory Modules all Professionals Must Complete

1.  Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Older Adults
2.  Advocacy For Seniors
3.  Aging and Society
4.  Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia
5.  Care Giving
6.  Chronic Illness in Seniors
7.  Communicating and Marketing Effectively to Older Adults
8.  End of Life Planning
9.  Ethics In Senior Business
10.  Mental Health, Grief and Loss
11.  Physiological Aspects of Aging
12.  Senior Nutrition, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles
13.  Seniors and Money
14.  The Family Social Support System
15.  The NEW Retirement
16.  Trends in Aging

From our Aging and the Law Series:
17.  When your client’s capacity is in doubt.  How can I help and what do I need to know?
18.  Privacy and Aging – Hot Topics

Your Choice:  You get to Choose 6 Elective Modules from this List

– Canada’s Health System
– Housing Options
– Canada’s Income Security Programs (Currently Being Updated)
– Estate Planning
– Long-term Care (Currently Being Updated)
– Spirituality and Aging

From Our Aging and the Law Series:
– Advance Care Planning & Health Care Consent – Getting your wishes respected.  From basics to beyond
– Power of Attorney – Myth Busters.  You may be surprised!
– Inter-jurisdictional Issues – When common law is not so common.
– Private Care Arrangements – All under one roof?
– Later-life Love and Marriage – Yours, Mine, Ours.Theirs?
– Family Financial Arrangements – Loans, Legacy, Love & Lies
– Grandparents – Access, Estrangement, Rights & Money
– Your own Arrangements – Taking Care of Business – Practicing to a Higher Standard.Why you HAVE to!
– Elder Abuse – Rights, Responsibilities, Reticence & Respect
– Care-giving – Leave and Legal Issues.When you need to ‘drop everything,’ can you?