How We Help You

When Your Community knows that…
YOU Cared Enough to Learn More About THEM and

Know How to Serve THEM Better, you will turn…

Strangers into Satisfied Customers
Satisfied Customers into Loyal Raving Fans!

Many in the age 50+ market lament the fact that:
“…You may know about your products and services, but you don’t know about ME!”

That is changing.

More and more, businesses and professionals are learning that technical ‘know-how’ is very necessary, but it is just not enough in this marketplace. The discerning consumer is now DEMANDING (and rightly so!) a higher quality of service, and that means you now need to know your business AND know about THEM!

When you ‘Get Them’ as a human being and a respected and valued customer, you ‘Get Them’ as a loyal part of your business!

We have many testimonials of professionals and businesses who have increased their business bottom-line significantly, even as high as doubling and tripling their annual revenues in just one year! Great service coupled with great promotion in your community leads to great results. (Ask us for one of our case studies!)

Here’s How We Help You!

Our programs and services make a difference with:

1. Your Business
2. Your Customers
3. Your Community

1. Your Business – For Your Business Growth and Your Bottom-Line

As a member of any of our Age-Friendly Business® programs you receive a monthly Marketing Mastery Action Step. This monthly program is designed to give you the exact instructions that you can incorporate immediately into your business. This “paint-by-numbers” approach to actionable tactics has helped businesses around the world in adding new customers and increasing their bottom-line. (see references at the bottom of this page)*

We know it is easy to get overwhelmed with ‘information overload!’ To help provide great content in small and digestible pieces, we created a short emails called ‘Customers Count.’ These 1-2 sentence reminders are designed to help change the way you and your employees see and serve the age 50+ customer. The tips are easy to integrate into your business, and help to keep an age-friendly approach top of mind. You will be rewarded as your customers embrace you for the changes you are making in your approach to them and your team’s engagement with them.

In addition to the tips and tools for business growth, we offer a more robust educational package for businesses and professionals in our CPCA and Age-Friendly Business Alliance programs. Both programs’ educational components have been designed for easy consumption and provide a well-rounded background on how businesses can adapt to meet the changing needs of their Boomer/Senior clients and prospects. Developed by leading gerontologists and specialists in elder law, these programs are the best in the field. Cutting edge research translated into business best practices!

2. Your Customers and Prospects – Enhancing Your Value to Them

We all know that we need to communicate regularly with our customers and to provide something of value with each communication. But where do you find the time to create the content for these touch points? That’s where we come in. Each month we provide you with a multifaceted client-focused newsletter that you can send directly to all of your clients and prospects. This newsletter is about them and for them! Maturity Matters has been embraced by our members for over ten years. Our members appreciate the ease of being able to deliver a high quality monthly newsletter to their clients and prospects with the ease of simply hitting ‘send’ or ‘print!’ keys. At the same time, their clients and prospects look forward each month to the stories and tips that give them some insight into living better and aging well.

We regularly select the top stories and articles that are aimed directly for the Boomer/Senior market. These stories vary in focus, but have a common thread: living better while navigating the aging stages and phases. We offer information about diet, exercise, vacations, social events, volunteerism, arts, crafts, hobbies, inspiration, and more. This content is stimulating, giving our member’s customers and prospects a broader view into the experience of awesome aging. From the feedback we’ve received from our members, this is one of the best benefits of membership, giving useful content our members can share with their customers and prospects makes our members a hero in their eyes.

3. Your Community – Help You Be Seen As A Hero in Your Community

You can see that our focus is on helping the business owner to serve the Boomer/Senior market better, and then for the business and professional to be showcased and celebrated for going the extra mile. We know that we excel at this. We hear from our members regularly about how much their clients and prospects appreciate the efforts members have made to pay direct attention to them. To quote Gert from Brandon, MB:
“I see you took a course to learn more about me. God Bless you for looking after us seniors.”

In our Age-Friendly Business programs, we go another step further. We help to spread the word about our members to the people in their own community. We’ve learned over the years that our members are able to make the necessary changes in their businesses to address the Boomer/Senior market, but many have difficulty sharing their stories to their community.

So, we’ve included in these two membership programs an advertising package that we know can work for our members.  We help you let your community know that you cared enough to learn more and serve better – that you are a Hero in your community. You’ve taken the steps and made the commitment to elevate the customer experience, and we want them to know about it.
The results speak for themselves. When a business takes the time to learn about the Boomer/Senior market, and then takes the steps to offer an exceptional service AND actually spread the word to that market about their businesses, great things happen!


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh

Let’s work together to bring many small things together to create great things

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