Course Title: Mental Health, Grief And Loss

The mental health issues of later life, including depression, anxiety states and suicide are explored via this module, students also discover how grief and loss, at various stages of the life-cycle, impact individuals and families in terms of their health, social, and financial behaviours. The descriptive models used include Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s ‘Stages of Death and Dying’, as well as the ‘Task Model’ of grief resolution. Students are shown how, in their professional practice, they can ‘be there’ for clients and families’ experiencing the grief and loss journey, not only in terms of death and bereavement, but also in situations involving loss of independence and/or certain functional capacities.

Qualifies for the Continuing Education Credits:

  • The Institute For Advanced Financial Education/Advocis – 1.25 credits
  • Financial Planners Standards Council/CFP – 1.50 credits

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