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Welcome to a world of endless possibilities for serving the age 50+ community.

Our education and resources cater to your every need, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh-faced business owner. With a range of designations, certificates, bundles, and individual modules, there’s something for everyone.

Looking to become a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)®?
We’ve got you covered.

Want to join the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance and earn a coveted Age-Friendly Business® Certificate? We can help.

Need targeted bundles of education or custom-designed bundles just for you and your business? We’ve got those too. And to ensure you’re always at the top of your game, we offer individual and group coaching to translate this vital information into exceptional business practices.

Plus, gain unlimited access to our essential client resources and compelling marketing tools. Join our world of innovation and empowerment today!

We want to offer something for everyone and that is why we have even created our complimentary “Friends of Age-Friendly Business®” membership to help you get started in your commitment to elevate the client and customer experience for the age 50+ and take your business to new levels of success!

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Designation,Memberships, Courses , Coaching, Resources, and Marketing Tools All Help Take You To The next level!

No cookie-cutter options to try to fit into!

We can customize a solution JUST FOR YOU! Let’s work together to create a solution that leverages your strengths and supports YOUR vision!

Learn Your Way and at Your Convenience! 24/7 access to all our content to review at your convenience as often as you like!

We Bring YOU the Best. Know you are learning from renowned Subject Matter Experts! Our faculty are recognized and Celebrated World-Wide!

When you and your team participate, you can expect

  • Increased personal production amongst your staff.
  • Increased product purchases to address key requirements.
  • Increased referrals to your Full-Service Solution Team.
  • Increased ratings from the Client/Customer Feedback Surveys.
  • Increased customer loyalty: The more lives you touch, the more lives you change.
  • More clients doing more business: Provide additional full-service solutions for the clients and customers you serve. Don’t leave opportunities on the table, and learn how to be even more effective with inter-spousal and multi-generational outreach to expand and lock-in your customer base
  • Increased staff confidence when broaching sensitive ‘life sizing’ discussions (estate planning, future housing options, family needs, cognitive aging, living well and dyi!ng well, legacy your way). When you know that you know – they know it too


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     Our Team Can Work With You For A Custom Solution


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Professional Membership
CPCA® Designation

Certified Professional Consultant on Aging®

CPCAs are setting a new bar in understanding the complexities of aging. They’re taking their industry and technical training to a higher level with additional knowledge on health, social, financial issues as well as legal considerations for those serving maturing clients. All this so that people have peace of mind knowing they’re getting top-notch service from professionals who truly understand what keeps them up at night.

Sample content includes:

  • Trends in Aging
  • Estate Planning
  • The New Retirement
  • Abuse and Exploitation of Older Persons
  • When Your Client’s Capacity is in Doubt
  • *Coaching Available: Education to Execution

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Business Membership
AFB Certificate Program

Age-Friendly Business® Alliance

The local business community does so much more than provide us with products and services -businesses are a cornerstone in our communities for connection, feeling welcomed, safe and valued. With an understanding of the universal aspects of aging from the AFB Foundation Course, companies can empower staff to create exceptional experiences for every customer!
When all staff complete the 90-minute Foundation Course, the Business earns an Age-Friendly Business® Certificate and Membership in the International Age-Friendly Business® Alliance.

Sample content includes:

  • Ageism
  • Safety and Fall Prevention
  • Sensory Changes and Cognitive Aging
  • Leadership Series (Complimentary)

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Specialty Themes

Specialty Themes

Aging and The Law

Our ‘Aging and the Law’ series helps you navigate legal complexities when working with older clients, ensuring you provide the best service while staying compliant.  It gives you an introduction to a variety of circumstances that you could be faced with and the guidance you need to work confidently with older clients while staying compliant in your business.

Sample content includes:

Specialty Themes

Leadership Series

The Age-Friendly Business® Leadership Series equips us with the clarity, compassion, and confidence to navigate uncertain times successfully. This invaluable program, offered by renowned experts empowers personal,  professional and business growth, even amidst adversity.

Sample content includes:

  • Goal Achievement
  • Rapport Building
  • Business Success Strategies
  • The Enneagram for Personal and Professional Success

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Know what you REALLY do. The 3 ways to grow your business, how to leverage your time and systems, track your results, adapt and
GROW Your Revenues!

Individual Modules

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 Module Topics

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Chronic Illness
  • Communicating and Marketing Effectively with Older Adults
  • End of Life Planning
  • Ethics in Senior Business
  • Seniors and Money
  • Mental Health Grief and Loss
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  • Senior Housing Options
  • Senior Nutrition and Fitness
  • Spirituality and Aging

Module Topics

  • Estate Planning
  • (2 of 12) Aging and the Law When Your Client’s Capacity is in Doubt
  • The New Retirement
  • The Client Conversation
  • Senior Housing Options
  • Physiological Aspects of Aging
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  • The Family and Social Support Systems
  • The New Retirement
  • Completed Trends and the Experience of Aging

Enjoy the freedom to take as little or as much CE
individually that you need to meet compliance, with our individual course modules with individual CE (Over 45 CE)

Individual Course
Modules With Individual CE


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Our Team Can Work With You For A Custom Solution