Unlock Compassionate Expertise: Training for Financial Advisors on Serving Vulnerable Clients

Empowering Advisors to Champion Vulnerable Clients

In a world where financial vulnerability is an ever-growing concern, our training program steps up to offer a beacon of light. Crafted for financial advisors, this program is your gateway to understanding, recognizing, and ethically supporting vulnerable clients, perfectly aligning with the Amendments to National Instrument 31-103 and other critical guidelines.

Why This Training?
“Beyond Obligation, Towards Advocacy”
Immerse yourself in a course that does more than just meet regulatory standards. Here, you’ll learn to blend compliance with compassion, meeting the high standards set by the CSA Staff Notice 31-354, the Financial Conduct Authority Guidance, and the MFDA Report on Vulnerability and Financial Advice.

What We Offer:
“Comprehensive, Customizable, and Client-Centered Training”
Our package transforms theoretical knowledge into practical expertise. Key areas include:

Understanding Vulnerability: Grasp the nature and elements of vulnerability as outlined in regulatory frameworks.
Risk Recognition: Learn to identify who is at risk, aligning with the latest financial authorities’ guidance.
Exploitation Awareness: Develop skills to recognize and respond to various expressions of exploitation.
Tools & Strategies: Master the strategies and tools needed for effective, ethical, and compliant responses.
Compassionate Communication: Hone your communication skills to interact with empathy and understanding.

Our Team Can Work With You For A Custom Solution

Tools That Foster Trust and Transformation

Regulatory Alignment: Training designed in response to the Amendments to National Instrument 31-103 and related notices.

Practical Application: Interactive, real-world scenarios to practice and apply learning.

Custom Tailoring: Adaptable modules to fit your firm’s specific needs and requirements.








Complete Package for Compliance, Ethics, and Empathy

Offering a single-source solution, this training bundle ensures that your Compliance, HR, and Training Departments can have full confidence in your advisors’ abilities to spot risks and respond in a manner that is effective, ethical, compliant, and compassionate.

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Meet Our Founder Rhonda Latreille, MBA, CPCA



Dedicating her career to improving our experience of social and professional services, Rhonda Latreille has designed and implemented numerous new programs in the justice, financial, business, and health disciplines.

In addition to working in policy, program, and business development, Rhonda is producing a major textbook for professionals entitled: ‘The Dynamics of Aging: a Textbook for Professionals Serving a Maturing Population,’ authored manuals and studies, and has provided editorial review for a number of research projects and academic papers.

Previously, Rhonda served as the Director of Administration and Planning for the provincial Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission of B.C., Researcher and Program Consultant for the Ministry of Attorney General’s Police-based Victim Assistance Program, and taught exam prep courses for Foran Financial Institute. She served as Treasurer on the B.C. Institute Against Family Violence Board of Directors, held the position of President of B.C. Criminal Justice Association, Board Member of the Canadian Criminal Justice Association, Chairperson of the Provincial Advisory Committee for Electronic Monitoring Project, Vice Chairperson of the Nanaimo Child Sexual Abuse Steering Committee, and Director on the Board of Nanaimo Regional District Boys and Girls Club.  She currently serves as Past President of the Rotary Club of South Surrey.

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A dynamic speaker, Rhonda has presented at many national and international conferences, and currently inspires others to join in her vision of a world that respects and celebrates the unique contribution of all persons, especially as we transition into our later life journey.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and MBA in International Management, Rhonda has held a mutual fund license and life insurance certificates, and has advanced mediation skills certification from the Justice Institute of B.C.

Rhonda’s passion for music is expressed through her piano and harp. She lives in White Rock, B.C. with her husband, internationally shown stone sculptor Herb Latreille. Herb and Rhonda took in rescue dogs for more than 35 years and currently enjoy Luna, their Lagotto Romagnolo!

Rhonda Latreille 

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