What They’re Saying About How This Training Builds Your Business

“A must for anyone dealing with seniors. I highly recommend it and feel the investment in time and money was more than worth it.”

Ken O’Toole

“The training and the designation has brought tangible and immediate results to my business, allowing me to triple the assets under my administration. The designation has meant better referrals, better assets and more profits. I am much more aware of the concerns of my boomer and senior clients, I’m able to listen more effectively, and am confident that I understand their world a lot better and can better serve their needs. There is no downside to the training! My best advice is to take the course and publicize the fact!”

Alan Atkins

“I have doubled my income over the past year, having successfully taken over my father’s business. My father’s book of business was an established one with long-term clients, and it was important for me to effectively relate to them and gain their respect and trust. The training offered was the answer! The course and designation is by far the best training available to make one more aware of the needs of seniors, to understand how they think, what their risk awareness is and to generally service their needs more effectively.”

David Kirkup

“Earning this designation has helped me to triple my business and become one of the top insurance and Long Term Care advisors in Canada for RBC. My referrals have increased dramatically, and I host seminars that regularly attract more than 100 participants. Getting the designation has helped me to shift from working in my business, to working on my business! The course has also changed me personally, making me more empathetic and patient. It has given me a context for understanding seniors’ emotional, health and social concerns and I am now more than a good purveyor of products, but a true life event planning-focused advisor.”

Greg Pearson

“The training and the designation has enhanced our credibility, and distinguishes our business from others in the eyes of our clients. The training is an excellent starting point to develop an increased awareness and understanding of the issues seniors and boomers face each day. It has helped us to spot developing issues much more quickly, and helps us work more knowledgeably with other professionals who work with seniors.”

Robert Grose

“Not only has this course given me an excellent perspective on delivering my service to seniors. I now believe I can become a more positive, healthy and integrated senior myself.”

Heather Thurston

“What a business opportunity! After all, in 2025, 1 in 4 individuals will be a senior! Nothing else out there compares with this course, or can better prepare you for dealing with seniors and understanding them.”

Leslie Ann Clarkson

“If you are in the financial services industry, this is the best single step you can take for your senior clients. If you are in any business that serves seniors, this course will do more for your understanding of that market than anything else.”

Rick Hoogendoorn

“I was unable to find an institution offering adequate insight into non-medical needs and aspirations of seniors – all in one place. So, I enrolled in a recent Toronto class and gained tremendous insights into marketing to seniors for my niche law practice which focuses on tax-saving inspired Will Trust planning for the semi-affluent. I heartily recommend that all financial and insurance professionals as well as anyone else who provides service to seniors take this excellent course and join me as member of this dynamic organization.”

Pat Murphy

What They’re Saying About Your Impact in Your Community

“This is leading edge. This is a gift to society as a whole. It carries a responsibility to perform at your best each and every day. It gives the tools to ensure that this is truly possible.”

Joe Daley

“I feel the course and designation is a must for anyone who works with our senior population. It opens the door of awareness and challenges us to grow, and serve and respect this most important cohort.

It helps us define our purpose and breathes more life into our business.”

Dan McCormick

“On behalf of my clients, thank you for this course. It was great! I feel better empowered to give service to my senior clients both now and in the future. My hat goes off to you folks for a job well done.”

David Crouse

“From a spiritual perspective, it was an uplifting experience – that all would appreciate. It really is about Ethics and doing the right things at the right time and in helping our seniors to progress to the final stages of life.”

Mike Kljajic

What They’re Saying About Our Company

“I have attended far too many workshops, seminars and conferences to mention in my 20 year career, but I have never been so honoured to have been part of a workshop as I now am after being here for the last three days. The information was invaluable, the presenters unsurpassed and the hearts behind it all have truly changed my life forever.”

Aaron Ruston

“I highly recommend this course. It is stimulating and thought provoking. The people running the course are first rate, they have integrity. The course has changed my views in several areas, not an easy thing.”

Randy Wright

“The key ingredient that stands out with the leaders of this organization is their passion and enthusiasm. They have prepared my mind for senior advocacy.”

Garry Toy

“I am very impressed with the content and of the material covered through this course. The presentations were exceptional. I am delighted to be associated with this academy/organization.”

Rhonda MacKenzie

“Bravo! Your enthusiasm, passion and commitment are delicious!”

Sorel Park

“This course was definitely a life altering experience, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a great organization.”

Mike Langlois

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn and share my values with your organization.”

Kathy Ajas

“This has to be the best organized course I have ever taken. I really appreciated the 10 min breaks every 50 minutes.”

Gerry Rochon

What They’re Saying About Our Curriculum

“After nearly 20 years working in the seniors’ market I was amazed by how much I learned from this course. This may prove to be the most practical course I have taken, to help me provide the best level of service possible for my senior clients.”

Ken McNaughton

“Of the many courses/seminars I have taken over 30 years of working, this course has given me the deepest amount of direction!”

Stephen J. Defalco

“I have taken many courses in my 27 years in the insurance industry. This was the best course I have taken to help me understand the complexities of life, which will allow me to help my clients and friends and myself complete the journey of life. What a wonderful 3 ½ days.”

Lindsay Price

“The course covers so many aspects of aging – health, social and financial – that can be applied on a day-to-day basis, and which helps us to be more responsive and sensitive to the needs of our older clients.”

Rick Singh

“I attend and have attended a plethora of courses and meetings in 28 years of financial business. This course is probably full of the most value I have been able to take away and put to use.”

John W. Donnelly

“The entire course is very interesting. It shed a new dimension on seniors and their needs. What I learned the most, is to LISTEN, RESPECT and VALUE our seniors.”

Maurice A. Briere

“This course definitely met or exceeded all of my expectations, thank you!”

Richard Stebeck

“This course not only helped me in dealing with senior clients, but also helped me to understand what is or may be important to my own parents.”

John Shields

“Excellent exploration and challenge of our ability to serve seniors with dignity.”

Lane Smith

“Wonderful education.”

Ross Hallett

“An essential course for all professionals. Any individual practicing any profession to seniors that does not take this course is doing not only their senior clientele a great disservice, but themselves as well.”

Kevin Moore

“I sincerely would recommend making the effort to learn about what are seniors’ needs and guidance and would highly suggest this course as a must as part of that process.”

Robert S. Mulloy

“The course for me is: A life changing experience, knowing that I now have the missing knowledge to really make a difference in the life of a senior.”

Dale Manson

“Very comprehensive. I have learned so much and made so many great contacts in the field. This course has inspired me to push harder to educate/support and share positively in the lives of the seniors I serve.”

Jackie Egg

“A wonderful celebration and education on our treasured seniors.”

Doug Jarrett

“Helps me understand the senior population better. The course should be taught in high school to help the young generation understand and respect the senior segment of our society. It helps us become better people.”

Wilfred Sismundo

“This course addresses the concerns, fears and needs of seniors from a spiritual, health, demographic and financial viewpoint. The material is current, well-researched and presented by leaders in their fields. It opened my eyes to the “care years” that lie in front of me (all of us).”

J. R. (John) Willms

“What a difference 24 hours of learning makes! Every topic is relevant and valuable”.

Thais McKee

“Would recommend this course for all financial planners and advisors.”

Adit Kumar

“This is the beginning of a new journey and this program has created the map. A wonderful insight into what is to come. A program that should be taken by and will benefit all people who deal with people, of all ages.”

Velma Carroll

“I was totally unprepared for the level of professionalism of this course. I was expected to be bored, I was stimulated.”

Janice Dumbleton

“Very good course content presented by very credible individuals in a very professional manner. Congratulations.”

Paul Begin

“My mother was director at a seniors centre for 28 years, so I grew up around seniors. This program renewed my respect for and understanding of older adults. I wish everyone who works with seniors could go through this program.”

David Borenstein

“This was moving and a new experience to add to my life and an enhancement to add to my new career as a financial advisor. We strive to make a difference in people’s lives, and this will certainly help me.”

Marilyn Mooers

“You have provided a life changing experience for me. On behalf of myself and all of those special seniors that I am now better equipped to advise, I thank you very sincerely.”

Jason Laidler

“Prior to taking this course, I was “searching” for a direction in my senior years. This course was the “aha” or “eye” opener to the rest of my life – both secular and business-wise”.

Rod Langis

“This program provides an insightful foundation into how seniors live and think. A great start to build our future relationships, knowledge and business.”

Doug McMechan

“The certification is a unique and totally worthwhile program that must be experienced to gain the most benefit. It is timely, relevant, needed and uplifting for all humanity, in my opinion.”

Barry Soper

“This course is something that I would recommend to many, as a valuable life tool.”

Colin Fieguth

“The whole course was well presented and very well organized. Thanks for a job well done.”

Ben van der Vegt

“This course puts ‘life’ into perspective. Our past, present and our future. A must course for everyone in all aspects of the ‘people business’. Thank you.”

Robert Renzella

“This course helped me to discover at a deep level the richness that seniors could bring to the younger generations, only if they (The younger generations) took the time to listen to them (The seniors), from the senior’s perspective.”

Claude Barraud

What They’re Saying About Our Faculty

“I was very moved to be part of this experience. You did a marvellous job of preparing and presenting this timely course.”

Brian Gallie

“This is the best educational experience I have had for many years. What an exceptional group of presenters! Course material is superb.”

Dorothy Linden

“The quality of the contributors and the content will impact me as both a person and a producer for years to come.”

Greg Pearson

“This course is an absolute must for all professionals who wish to deal with the seniors market! The faculty is second to none with their in-depth knowledge and fantastic ability to convey/teach all the material.”

H. Alexander Roethel

“The courses are given with great enthusiasm and taught with much clarity. A tremendous amount of information in such a short period of time.”

Michael Furlot

“Excellent speakers, content was relevant, well paced. This course represents the wave of the future in my business.”

Randy G. Samuelson

“The best class I have ever attended. I wish the other teachers in my life were as interesting. Learning was more fun and easier.”

Mary Jane McGrath

“The course has truly been an awesome experience. The professionalism and quality of speakers has been impressive and their passion for getting the message out has been inspiring. I have always had an affinity for my senior clients, but these 3 days have made me realize I must, and yes, I want to take my business to a whole new level within the senior market. Thanks for the wake-up call!”

John C. Kennedy

“What an eye opener, this training was great. The wonderful presenters made the information interesting and relevant with personal examples and suggestions. The “Boomer Tsunami” is heading towards the beach; I’m now looking at my company to determine how I can be ready for it!”

Karen Shinn

“The instructors were well prepared, very knowledgeable and passionate about their areas of expertise. The 50 minute sessions are very conducive to full time attention!”

Donna St. Onge

“One of the best presented and most useful courses I’ve taken.”

Val Lewis

“I was sceptical at the beginning. I am very impressed. A great course, all the contents are valuable.”

Brian H. Rowbottom

“While the course was packed with lots of content, all very invaluable in dealing with my seniors, the level of presentations was really of the highest calibre. It will help me to be a better advisor and resource to my families.”

Roger Touw

“By the second hour of the program I was very impressed and appreciative of not only the scope of the course but the exceptional way in which it was presented. I have utilized this new designation in my real estate marketing and have had numerous comments, questions as well as many positive responses. I have recommended this program to colleagues in the Victoria area and know that they will find similar consumer reaction in helping to build their sales.”

Daniel Clover

“Thank you for a very professional three days of wonderful ideas. I will be a guide for my senior friends and clients.”

Boyd Dixon

“I was inspired by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the speakers. This program has taught me to better understand seniors and will help my business and me personally, when I enter my senior years in the future.”

Barry Carson

“I would highly recommend that anyone dealing with seniors look at this course. The speakers were excellent and the content very informative. I will definitely recommend this course to my peers.”

Joel McLay

“I would definitely recommend others pursue this course. Facilitated by upbeat presenters who clearly know the material. I think in terms of focusing on the retirement market, this is an excellent arrow to have for any advisor.”

Michael Tarantino

“Appreciated the high quality of faculty members and the professional approach to this certification program.”

Arnie Friesen

“A lot of useful information well presented and structured. This information will be valuable in my work as well as in personal life.”

Kemmy Léger

“I have been to many courses within the last few years, from University to LLQP and this by far exceeds the norm for professionalism and excellence.”

Paula Labonté

“The best, most informative education course I’ve taken. Anyone who deals with seniors, knows a senior, or will be a senior one day themselves should take this class.”

Andrew Despins

“Great, enthusiastic presenters, makes it easy to concentrate and participate.”

Stewart Burk

“The quality of the speakers is, in general, absolutely top of the class.”

Norm Steele

“Well done! I was surprised at how in depth the course was. The use of different speakers from different areas of expertise made it more enjoyable. Each person brought their personal touch to the program.”

Leonard Doyle

“My expectations were that this course would provide sound, practical insights into moving my business forward, as well as providing a high level of personal interest. It delivered on both counts expert instruction and a very professional approach to teaching.”

Gary Hogan

“This program is definitely the premier program available in Canada. The curriculum, faculty, and people are excellent. We look forward to promoting the program through our company.”

Alex Chan

“Presenters were very effective and informed.”

Harold Penner

“While I reluctantly attended this course, I quickly changed my mind. All the speakers were knowledgeable and passionate about their topics. Now I’m fully equipped to have better conversations with my clients and family members. Thanks for a wonderful journey!”

Loralie Shinkaruk

“I have never taken a course that was so comprehensive and delivered by facilitators that truly were passionate about the information they were sharing and obviously committed to imparting information on seniors and what is important to them as they move through the stages of retirement.”

Barbara Rutherford

“This course is completely relevant to our market … now and into the future! The instruction is highly professional and enlightening. I am proud to be part of this.”

Allan G. Rath

“I found the Fast Start class version of the course very informative in a fast paced but easy to follow format. The interaction with others taking the course and the presenters made the day more interesting.”

Martha White

“I found the course to be very informative, relevant and interesting and the instructors to be extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

John Cerio

“The Fast Start class provided me with excellent information. It was presented in an organized, concise manner making the eight hour day fly by. I learned a lot and was intrigued enough to want to learn more! Well done! One of the better courses I have attended in the 21 years I have been in the industry!”

Anna Roman

“All the instructors truly believe in the material and do a great service for seniors. Thanks.”

Mike Harris

“The Academy did an amazing job of assembling the faculty. If there are seniors in your life, then this course is for you.”

Mac Burns

“It is a journey we will all experience, both personally and professionally. Great dedication, expertise, and commitment by all presenters and attendees. Thank you.”

Jim Hughes

“From day one the training made me aware of the myriad of issues that our seniors and their caregivers face. It’s been incredibly useful in my day-to-day dealings with senior clients, and senior acquaintances. The general discussion on the effects of aging on the body has helped me adapt when dealing with clients who are experiencing these changes.

After the course, I was motivated to immediately contact my 73-year old parents to have a discussion with them about their plans and expectations going forward.”

Linda MacDonald

“You have rated all session 1 – 5 (evaluations), please allow me to rate these 3 days as a 10.”

Bernie Carriere