The AFB Course Themes Bundles 


The Leadership Series 

To Earn more, we have to Be more.
Savvy professionals and businesses know they have to continue to learn, grow, and keep current. Our professional modules show how to elevate the quality of the customer experience and our leadership series provides the education and skills to elevate your personal development, business skills, and ultimately, your community standing.

Personal Development: It all happens through you!
You are the messenger and the vehicle to serve your clients, your business and your community.
You need to be the strongest link in your success chain! Our personal and professional development modules, communication, and client engagement resources help YOU Be and Bring the Best YOU!

Business Building
If YOU don’t succeed, your Clients can’t either!
Learn from leading edge experts about the proven, established, and latest business development and client engagement success strategies.

Community Impact.
Unlock your potential to make positive change in the community. With confidence, clarity and compassion you can lead by example and become a driving force for progress that clients and your community are looking for.

Cultivate an attitude of growth – with every step forward comes meaningful development.

“Be the change you wish to see in this world.”








To Review the Sessions included in the Leadership Series: Click Here
  • Enhancing your revenues and reputation through service. Shekhar Mehta
  • The brain science behind goal achievement for success in your business. John Assaraf
  • How to establish rapport in moments to last a lifetime. Dr. Amy D’Aprix
  • Leadership secrets that get noticed and make a difference in your bottom line. Fraser Pajak
  • De-mystifying social media to grow your business. Julian Harcourt
  • Elevating the quality of service for LGBT customers. Dr. Tim Johnston
  • Purposeful profit through the insights of the Enneagram. Laurie Renton
  • Understanding the $15 T Longevity Economy and what it means for you and your business.       
    Rhonda Latreille
  • Creative COVID strategies that increased revenues. Age-Friendly Business Panel
  • Age-Friendly Business and International Perspectives – International Panel


The Aging and
The Law Series 

Aging and The Law

Advising, serving and caring for older adults can be incredibly rewarding, but it also carries some unique challenges.  Navigating the legal landscape when dealing with older adults can be tricky and complex without the right advice about how best to respond and when to refer.

 Without knowing about some of the more common legal issues that may arise, you can end up getting in over your head without even realizing it. You don’t want to be caught off guard and risk serious consequences for yourself, your business, or your client.

Our Age-Friendly Business® ‘Aging and the Law’ series is here to help! It gives you an introduction to a variety of circumstances that you could be faced with and the guidance you need to work confidently with older clients while staying compliant in your business. With this 12-part series, you can ensure you are providing the best care possible for your aging clients.








To Review the Sessions included in the Aging and The Law Series: Click Here
Ageing and The Law Series has a 12 Sessions CE Bundle 60 – 75 minutes each:
The Institute (Advocis) – 12. CE
IIROC: Professional Development-10.5 CE
  • Aging and the Law: Module 1 – When Capacity Is In Doubt
  • Aging and the Law: Module 2 – Advance Care Plan
  • Aging and the Law: Module 3 – Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Aging and the Law: Module 4 – Inter-Jurisdictional Issues
  • Aging and the Law: Module 5 – Private Care Arrangements
  • Aging and the Law: Module 6 – Later Life Love
  • Aging and the Law: Module 7 – Family Financial Arrangements
  • Aging and the Law: Module 8 – Grandparents
  • Aging and the Law: Module 9 – Privacy and Aging
  • Aging and the Law: Module 10 – Your Own Arrangements
  • Aging and the Law: Module 11 – Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • Aging and the Law: Module 12 – Family Caregiving

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