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Our World is Aging – Are We Ready?

In the last century, our life expectancy has increased by 30 years! It is called the ‘Longevity Bonus’ and it has never happened before in our history.

What a significant development is such a short period of time. Experiencing longer life-times now poses new challenges and opportunities while generating a host of new questions….

  • Does living longer mean we are living better?
  • What about cognitive aging?
  • How do I juggle family, career and caregiving?
  • Can I retire? Will I retire? What will this new retirement look like for me?
  • How do I keep healthy and active?
  • Will I still be valued as I age?
  • How can I continue to contribute, give back, and serve?
  • What will my legacy be?
  • How do I come to terms with loss – friends, family- pets- position- independence?
  • What do I want to do with this extra 30 year longevity bonus?

What does this mean for you, for your family, your community and your business and professional relationships?

At Age-Friendly Business®, we wanted to share what some of the best minds are saying about growing older. What this ‘aging thing’ means in terms of our health, social, financial, and legal considerations.

Inspiring, sometimes sobering, and always relevant, these modules will both serve and stimulate.

Welcome to our conversation.