About Us

We’re Not Just Educating Businesses and Professionals;
We’re Shaping Better Communities.

Our commitment to enriching people’s lives.

We Believe

That people of all ages deserve a place in our communities and our businesses where they are welcomed, acknowledged, safe, and respected, and when that happens, everybody wins!

We Have a Vision

Of a world that is age-friendly and values the contributions of all persons

How We Do It

Inspired by the World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed “Age-Friendly City” initiative, Age-Friendly Business® is committed to building upon this noble foundation by inviting businesses to learn how to provide a more respectful and age-relevant customer experience for the age 50+.

How We Started

Since 2003, we have been helping professionals, businesses, and organizations learn about the evolving needs of the Boomer and Senior members of our communities. When the businesses and professionals care enough to learn more and serve better, we give them the ‘Age-Friendly’ stamp of approval and celebrate and showcase them in their own community. This is what we do, this is all we do, and we do it well.

Because of our exclusive focus on elevating the quality of service to the age 50+, we are often sought out by the media to comment on how the changing profiles of our communities demand a new response from the businesses and professionals serving them. Our programs and support services ensure that professionals and businesses have the knowledge and tools to provide a relevant, respectful and appropriate client experience for the age 50+ market.

Meet Our Founder:
Rhonda Latreille, MBA, CPCA

Dedicating her career to improving our experience of social and professional services, Rhonda Latreille has designed and implemented numerous new programs in the justice, financial, business, and health disciplines.

In addition to working in policy, program, and business development, Rhonda is producing a major textbook for professionals entitled: ‘The Dynamics of Aging: a Textbook for Professionals Serving a Maturing Population,’ authored manuals and studies, and has provided editorial review for a number of research projects and academic papers.

A dynamic speaker, Rhonda has presented at many national and international conferences, and currently inspires others to join in her vision of a world that respects and celebrates the unique contribution of all persons, especially as we transition into our later life journey.

Previously, Rhonda served as the Director of Administration and Planning for the provincial Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission of B.C., Researcher and Program Consultant for the Ministry of Attorney General’s Police-based Victim Assistance Program, and taught exam prep courses for Foran Financial Institute. She served as Treasurer on the B.C. Institute Against Family Violence Board of Directors, held the position of President of B.C. Criminal Justice Association, Board Member of the Canadian Criminal Justice Association, Chairperson of the Provincial Advisory Committee for Electronic Monitoring Project, Vice Chairperson of the Nanaimo Child Sexual Abuse Steering Committee, and Director on the Board of Nanaimo Regional District Boys and Girls Club.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and MBA in International Management, Rhonda has held a mutual fund license and life insurance certificates, and has advanced mediation skills certification from the Justice Institute of B.C.

Rhonda’s passion for music is expressed through her piano and harp. She lives in White Rock, B.C. with her husband, internationally shown stone sculptor Herb Latreille. Herb and Rhonda take in rescue dogs, and currently enjoy Jeri the Jindo!

“We believe that persons of all ages deserve a place in our communities and our businesses where they are welcome, acknowledged, safe, and respected, and when that happens, everybody wins.”

Rhonda Latreille, MBA, CPCA

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