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Getting To The Essence of Customer Loyalty

Do they Love You — or Are You Just Convenient?  I think about customer loyalty every day.  What are we doing right that keeps our members happy and loyal and what are we missing that causes others to leave?  When we do crack the ‘magic formula’ how can we then share the golden secrets with the businesses we serve? The following is a personal story of my own conflict with loyalty and guilt. I like to think of myself as a supportive and loyal person; and yet sometimes, convenience and price will win out over loyalty…(hence the guilt.)  I wanted to explore when and why that happens, and to see how I can use that information in my own business, as well as the businesses we serve. My husband and I recently moved to another community, and have started to forge relationships with local businesses.  An entrepreneur myself, I like to support small businesses when I can.  Looking for a new place to buy our supplements, we popped into... Read More»

Travel Tips

Welcome to our Age-Friendly Business® Tip Series! This TRAVEL edition provides a small lesson on preparing for a quality and safe travel experience. We save and plan and prepare.  It may be a once in a lifetime dream adventure, a bucket list wish come true, or a regular holiday with the kids.  It just makes sense to learn what we can to ensure that our time away is all we want and hope it to be. We’ll start with Travel Safety, and then you can access a link to a short lesson including more information from passports and visas to health advisories, vaccinations and insurance, to budgets and baggage!  We have even created a fun ‘infographic’ to provide an engaging ‘Summary at a Glance!’  Make sure you check that out! Whether your plans are local, international or perhaps even exotic, becoming more safety savvy can help to create treasured travel memories rather than regrettable recollections. The more informed and aware you are, the less likely you can fall victim... Read More»

Multi-Generational Households

My house is your house…  It is not unusual, particularly following a death in the family, for multi-generations to consider living together. This blog addresses some of the opportunities as well as some of the difficulties, and offers tips for families considering the blending of multi-generations within one household.  Multi-generational households are not unusual in North America. According to the US Census Bureau and Stats Canada, the number of children living with their grandparents has increased substantially in the past decade. In the USA, 20% of these households have no parent present, and in Canada, where a single parent is living in the home with the grandparent, 65% of these grandparents are financially responsible for the household.  Let’s start with the advantages Multi-generational homes offer a significant opportunity to deepen family bonds, enhance a sense of unity and establish a connection with history. Grandparents can play a central role in their grandchildren’s lives, transferring their wisdom and life experience. This is especially beneficial for passing along cultural heritage and... Read More»

From Information To Transformation

A difference isn’t a difference until it makes a difference. We have all heard that knowledge is power. That’s just not true. If knowledge were power, everyone with an Internet connection and a library card would be shaking it up. That’s just not so. Knowledge in and of itself is all very well and good, but until knowledge is used in some way to cause a result or to impact change, knowledge is actually pretty power-less. The alchemy, the true power comes when knowledge is applied in a way that leads to transformation. The dictionary defines transformation as a ‘marked change in appearance or character, especially for the better.’ Think of some of the great change agents in the last century – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa. They didn’t possess any secret or exclusive knowledge about human rights, personal dignity or freedom. Yet, they each took what they knew to be true, combined this awareness with passion and action, and changed the course of history. They moved from... Read More»

Aging in Place of Choice – Part 2

Given a choice….. In the previous blog, we talked about the importance of being able to ‘Age in our Place of Choice,’ and how this serves us individually, contributes to our communities, and is more cost effective than residential care. Think of all the choices we make in the course of our day. From the mundane to the significant, we may struggle with the array of options before us. Faced with unending decisions, we likely don’t reflect on the fact that we actually have the privilege of choice in the first place. Until we don’t. We may now agree on why this is important–but what about the obstacles and challenges getting in the way of how to make this happen? Let’s consider some of the challenges and the opportunities. Challenges – Under Care Not surprisingly, an increasing number of seniors trying to live on their own (up from 5% to 8%) report having unmet needs that threaten their ability to remain independent. As our population ages, and without a... Read More»

Where Do I Want to Live When I Grow Up? – Part 1

Why do you live where you live? Have you given this much thought? Perhaps your choice was based on: • Lifestyle • Access to amenities • Proximity to family and friends • Near schools, hospitals and your faith community. Some thrive on the energy of downtown, while others need their backdoor to open into the great outdoors. Regardless of the reasons why, we know that where we live is directly related to how we live. This principle remains true as we transition through various life stages. There is much talk about ‘Aging In Place Of Choice.’ The key word here is ‘Choice.’ A North American Public Health official offered this definition: ‘Aging in place of choice is the ability of individuals to choose to live in their own communities for as long as possible, and to have access to home and community services that will support this ability.’ To be able to live in our own communities of choice for as long as possible serves us as individuals. It... Read More»

Ageless Tips for Effective Communicating

Talking Dirty… You have probably witnessed this, or perhaps even caught yourself doing this. Take intelligent and rational adults, and put them in front of young children and/or the elderly, and watch these once articulate adults reduce themselves to speaking like a Saturday morning cartoon character in a singsong falsetto voice. Check in with some of your senior friends and family members, and ask them how often (albeit well meaning) service people talk ‘baby talk’ to them and you may be shocked – I know I was! I find this irritating enough when people do this to young children, I can’t imagine how offensive this is to older adults. What may have started out as an expression of endearment, can soon devolve into an unintentional demonstration of ageism. I can hear the objections now, suggesting that we are taking ‘political correctness’ and ourselves far too seriously. I get that, and many times I do think that we do take ourselves too seriously. When unsure, however, my personal litmus test... Read More»

You Shouldn’t Have To Work Hard To Give Them Your Money

Imagine… a market that represents almost half of the population, controls the lion’s share of the assets, and is responsible for most of the discretionary spending. Looks like an ideal client and customer, wouldn’t you say? You’d think that this market would get kid-glove service and gold level attention. Sadly, and surprisingly, this is not always the case.   We are talking about the Baby Boomers and Seniors, and a recent Ipso Reid poll showed that while Boomers acknowledge their significant spending power, 40% feel ignored by the businesses that serve them. Furthermore, an ad hoc survey conducted in a popular retirement city revealed that their seniors felt downright invisible! Ignored and invisible. Not an attractive way to be received by the businesses and professionals wanting your support. Bottom line: You shouldn’t have to work hard to give them your money! The Next ‘ISM’ In our society, we have a history of confronting some big social issues, issues such as racism and sexism. We haven’t got them licked yet,... Read More»